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Adapting to a Hot Scarce World
December 3, 2009, 5:58 pm
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Adapting to a “hot” world and how to do it, might be best left to another thread, perhaps in the CP&P forum. I’ll just highlight a few things I’m looking at myself, since I’m at the point I doubt anyone will do anything to stop AGW.

First, learn how to grow a successful garden. It’s not a overnight skill. Big plus, it’s healthy. And previous links aside, I don’t think short term AGW, the CO2 will get high enough to make normal garden food toxic. Might be a few percent less nutritious. One of the first things to go, if transportation gets iffy will be fresh produce unless it’s local.

Add to that, learn to can.

Second, learn a few skills that are “handy”. Something that you can do to barter. Then join a barter group. Learn how the economics work when you trade sweat for goods now, that way if you need to stretch your money later, you’ll know how to do it.

Third, it’s not a necessarily “handy” skill, but take a good first aid class. Pretty self explanatory.

Four, begin cutting back on your “energy footprint”. Could you handle energy costs at double the rate, or that is, use half as much energy as you do now. As an example, right now, I have one 40 watt bulb and one 10 watt bulb on, in the entire apartment. All the other lights are out. Wait, I’ve got one of those tiny night lights in the kitchen. Need to replace that with a LED. Unless I really need to I don’t turn on a light anymore.

I’ve also got the furnace turned to 55 but I have one of those oil filled heaters on in the office where I’m at. That room stays warm and at bed time, I’ve got three big heavy blankets on the bed. Once I get under those, I’m comfortable.

I also have cut back on my driving. Combining coming home from work with, stopping at the grocery. Figure I’ve cut about 10-15% of my gas use that way.

Fifth, all the other things we do here at ZS to prep.


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