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Copenhagen and the Chinese
December 3, 2009, 6:18 pm
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How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room by Mark Lynas

phil_in_cs wrote:
That’s a good article, as far as it goes. I will agree the Chinese beat Obama like a drum to make him look impotent and get a deal that makes the entire West look stupid. That bit fits their general national strategy.

I will go farther though – if China had not made sure that the conference was going to produced nothing meaningful, someone else would have stepped up to ensure that.

I’m not sure anyone else could have.

It’s a sad fact that it’s politically and economically suicide for a politician or country to embrace sharp cuts in green house gas production by their industries if no one else does. We can’t do it here in the US, no matter how much you or I might like it. Given the intense lobbying by established interests like the Oil Industry makes it even less likely. And honestly, if we were to saddle our industries with sharp cuts while China and India does business as usual we’d see even worse economic depression than we do now. That’s why it won’t happen.

China’s political leadership has made an unofficial deal with it’s citizens. Ignore the one party control, the rampant corruption and we will give you a life style like the US. It’s a deal I’d agree to. Don’t forget there is still a sizable majority of Chinas’ population that is rural and lives on dollars a day that wants progress at any cost. The leadership has to continue pursuing a policy of excessive growth fueled by coal at all costs, or risk civil unrest.

That’s why you see them out there in Africa and South America buying up ever resource they can lay their hands on. They understand the coming fight for oil and natural resources is one of do or die.

India has it’s own problems too.

Rampant over population with unrest from the underclass that only gets mitigated by the illusion that you can become a Mumbai millionaire if things work out right for you, like the illusion the poor middle class here has about the Loto, forces them to embrace all out capitalism, damned the cost for the environment. Add to that a slowly disintegrating nuclear armed Pakistan on it’s border which almost guarantees a nuclear war in the future and near rabid Hindu/Muslim hate legacied from the Partition when they became countries and the fact the sub continent is headed into the crapper is understandable.

Then there is China’s encroachment to the north of India via Tibet which is drinkable water driven. Rising sea level and fresh water well saltification in Bangladesh to their East will soon start a mass refugee problem. Things look bad for them too.

I feel sorry for those people like the Maldives who are going to see their island country disappear and the hundreds of millions destined to die as things get worse but it’s past time for doing something about it. It’s just the first round of many to come. We’re a planet of 6+ billion that can only realistically support 2 billion.

Now all we can do personally is figure out how to best adapt. I’m growing a thick skin and looking to save my relatives and friends.

Sorry if I sound down on the future.


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