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Economic Reasons to Garden – Poverty
December 18, 2009, 3:50 pm
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Sharon Astyk, whose The Chatelaine’s Keys blog we consider a must read for responsible survivalists, has a very good article over on the Energy Bulletin site, entitles “Do you need to grow food?”, which looks at some of the underlying reasons you should consider gardening.

“I think his (Hemenway) focus on “food collapse” as the reasoning behind growing food misses the central point – that most hunger doesn’t occur because of a food collapse, it occurs because people can’t afford to buy food. This is an easy one to miss – many people, learning about peak oil and climate change become fixated on the idea of transportation or other system disruptions that cut food supplies. And this is possible – indeed, when food and gas costs rose to their highest point in 2008, end-of-supply-line regions like Alaskan Native Villages found themselves struggling to get supplies in. But the vast majority of the world’s hungry live in places where there is sufficient food – but they can’t buy it. It is credible, then, to assume that at least in the shorter term, our collective crisis is likely to play out as it has in the past – with more and more people unable to keep food on the table.

Just as I’ve argued for some years that the most likely reason for any of my readers to have to live without heat or utilities is because growing poverty makes it impossible for them to pay utility bills, and thus, they get shut off or because they become homeless, the most likely reason for anyone reading this to encounter a food crisis is because of a growing poverty. And in both the Global North and South, this is the norm of hunger.”


Toby Hemenway’s own post here:


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