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Meals 4 Less – Salad Bar Omelets
February 25, 2010, 12:58 am
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One of our reoccurring features will be “Meals 4 Less“, a series of recipes and suggestions for making healthy, affordable food.

makings for salad bar omelet

Salad Bar Omelets for Two:

I love a good omelet, but as a bachelor, having the makings for one on hand for when the mood strikes me can be expensive. Half the time when I purchase those bags of shredded cheese, I find them months afterwards, and not in any shape to sprinkle on some eggs.

I also like to have a salad once or twice a week, trying to lose a few pounds and to just be healthy. Grocery stores and their salad bars make it very convenient.

Several years ago, while getting a salad for lunch, I realized that they also had the ingredients for an omelet; shredded cheese, mushrooms and diced meat.

Add in some fruit, some potatoes or a tomato, and you have a very inexpensive and healthy meal.

The Ingredients:
(For two meals)

$1.00 – Four eggs. I tend to buy the organic brown ones as opposed to factory farm whites.
$0.90 – Cheese, mushrooms, diced chicken. It ends up being about 1/10th of a pound of each.
$0.65 – Two Roma tomatoes. They tend to be a bit smaller than the bigger round ones.
$0.35 – One banana
$0.35 – One orange
$1.20 – Tall Glass of Orange Juice (or Milk), $0.60 each.

That’s around $4.50 total.

The reason I fix two omelets and save one for later is I tend to add a side order of potatoes to the meal, in this case “Green Giant” makes a small 9 oz. steamer pack of “Roasted Potatoes with garlic and herbs” that you microwave, that is enough for two servings. I also tend to eat a banana with my orange juice and the orange with my milk. The potatoes costs $1.50 bringing the total for our meals to about $6.00.

Or one good meal for around $3.

omelet done and ready

Compare that with a breakfast biscuit, potato puck and a tiny juice (or coffee) from a fast food place, and which would you rather eat?

(That’s hot sauce from Taco Bell on the omelet, in case you’re wondering…)


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