The Responsible Survivialist

A Responsible Manifesto

A work in progress…

On July 4th, in the year 1776, a brave band of brothers published this simple yet telling statement:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Now, we must hold other truths, just as self-evident. That there is a storm coming, and recognizing that, will be the one true truth to save those we care the most about.


It would be pretentious in the extreme to liken my small and humble manifesto to one of the greatest of documents in human history, yet if we could travel back in time, would the Founding Father’s think so highly of their work as we do so today. History has a way of immortalizing the most simple of truths. It’s only later, as History tests those truths with the fires of circumstance, that we see the steel in their words.

Sorry, if I sound pretentious, but Manifestos require a bit of pretension.

Or bomb throwing…

And since I enjoy my freedom too much, and bomb throwing is such a messy enterprise, let me stick with words as my weapon. After all, they are so much more potent of a sword, though the disruption they can cause is ten times as great.

The simple truth, we, you and I, have made quite a mess of things.

You can sputter and object, as to how, you, one of the little people of no note, did not have a direct hand in the chaos that is the future of our civilization, but that would be a lie. We let it happen with our complacency. We let it happen when we did not stand up and shout, No.

With our quiet acquiescence we allowed those among us with low morals and greedy intent to rape and pillage with free reign, taking our civilization to the brink of another Dark Age. We may not have unlocked the gates for the barbarians to sack our treasured Rome, but we did nothing to stop it.

Yet as I said in the first post to this blog, stories about the Future should begin with Hope. So then, this proclamation will begin there.

With Hope.


If you accept responsibility for the mess we’ve made of things, the question then becomes, where go we from here?

Honestly, I’m not sure, but let us, you and I make a pact then. Let us explore what the future might bring. Together. When disaster strikes, like the recent earth quake in Hatti or Chile, it is the simple people, who make the most difference. It is your neighbors, who come together to help dig out your family from the rubble of your home. Who share that cup of warm soup and hold your shoulders tight as you cry.

Community will be important in the coming days. Do you know your neighbors now? Learn who lives near you, for they will be the high ground that you survive on when the waters rise. Life as we know it is headed towards the hellish hand basket. Most will suffer a harsh and cruel, short life because of it.

A few will survive and prosper. Will you join me in doing so? We are all going to have to relearn how to make a simple bowl of Rock Soup.

Is the allegory unfamiliar?


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