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Taking A First Small Step
January 4, 2010, 10:39 am
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Like most kids in the 60s, I grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons. Usually sitting on the living room floor in my pajamas, eating a bowl of cereal. “Bugs Bunny”, “Daffy Duck”, “The Roadrunner”. All the Greats.

One cartoon in particular has always stayed with me. It was a episode of “Tom and Jerry”.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the cartoon, Tom was a cat and Jerry a mouse. Tom was always trying to catch Jerry, but since Jerry was the smarter of the two, Tom never had much luck.)

In this one, Tom’s owner is going on a trip. She’s left him though shelves and shelves of canned cat food. Tom’s dilemma soon appears, for Jerry has stolen the only can opener in the house. Much hilarious action ensues but in the end Tom is forced to submit to Jerry’s demands.

What my young mind found funny has over the years taught a much older mind one simple fact. You can starve to death in a room full of food, IF you can’t get to it.

Which brings us to the subject of this post…The P38 Can Opener.

Originally developed by the military to open ration cans in World War 2, the P-38 and its larger cousin, the P-51, is a perfect example of simplicity meets need. I was introduced to it when I joined the US Army right after high school. See we still got feed C-Rations back then. Every case of rations was always packed with a handful of these tiny tools. Some soldiers would attach a P38 onto their dog tags (that’s what the small hole in the corner is for). I preferred to keep one on my key chain.

And I still do today.

While it is just a little thing, to be able to open a can anytime you need, it speaks to what is the core philosophy of “Responsible Survivalism“, which we discuss in depth in our next post.

For now, swing by that Army Surplus store down the street, or the Sporting Goods store at the Mall and pick up several of these for yourself. They shouldn’t cost you more than a dollar a piece. Put one on your own keychain.

You can click HERE to watch a video of how to use it to open a can.


Water Bottle Light
December 4, 2009, 5:26 pm
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Here is a simple way to provide a building with free lighting.

While I don’t see it useful to retrofit housing like mine, which has an attic, for sheds and buildings that don’t, this would be a useful way to cut your electricity bill.