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Meals 4 Less – Mock Shrimp Stir Fry
May 1, 2010, 2:54 am
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It’s been with some sadness that I’ve watched as the crisis unfolds in the Gulf with the oil spill. I lived for many years in Florida, and though we were on the Atlantic side of the state, we often traveled to the Gulf side to enjoy the beaches. For an area just now recovering from Hurricane Katrina, this second punch in the gut will be hard to take.

I can only hope that BP, the oil company that owned the well does the right thing, and offers employment to the fishermen whose livelihood is about to be seriously curtailed for the next year, if not longer.

And while it is a policy of this blog to NOT discuss politics, I’m heartened by the quick and strong response the Obama administration has taken in dealing with the problem.

Doesn’t mean shrimp prices won’t rise this Summer though…LOL. Speaking of shrimp, here’s a meal that I like to put together.

mock shrimp stir fry prep

One of my local supermarkets, Schnucks, offers tails on, cooked shrimp marinated with Herb and Garlic. Great stuff and easily added to a meal. I buy a third of a pound to start.

Next, add any of the Green Giant variety of vegetables in their microwavable pouches. These are great for the single person or couple. I am though looking forward to a fresh out of the garden alternative to them this Fall.

Cook it for about 2 minutes, then open the pouch and pour it onto a plate, adding the shrimp. I de-tail the shrimp and cut them up into thirds though I’m sure a real Responsible Survivalist would point out those tails are a good source of some essential vitamin or mineral and leave them on for consumption.

Microwave for another minute and a half.

mock shrimp stir fry

I added a 1 cup pouch of Uncle Ben’s rice and a pear I had laying around that was getting ripe. Rice is a good staple food and supplies many of your needs. You should add it to your diet now. As prices rise, we all will have to subsitute the more basic food groups currently eaten by those in the Third World like rice, for the steaks and meats we enjoy now.

The pear, well, we should all eat more fruit.

I don’t have the cost breakdown right now but will add it to this post soon.

Enjoy another healthy meal alternative…


Meals 4 Less – Salad Bar Omelets
February 25, 2010, 12:58 am
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One of our reoccurring features will be “Meals 4 Less“, a series of recipes and suggestions for making healthy, affordable food.

makings for salad bar omelet

Salad Bar Omelets for Two:

I love a good omelet, but as a bachelor, having the makings for one on hand for when the mood strikes me can be expensive. Half the time when I purchase those bags of shredded cheese, I find them months afterwards, and not in any shape to sprinkle on some eggs.

I also like to have a salad once or twice a week, trying to lose a few pounds and to just be healthy. Grocery stores and their salad bars make it very convenient.

Several years ago, while getting a salad for lunch, I realized that they also had the ingredients for an omelet; shredded cheese, mushrooms and diced meat.

Add in some fruit, some potatoes or a tomato, and you have a very inexpensive and healthy meal.

The Ingredients:
(For two meals)

$1.00 – Four eggs. I tend to buy the organic brown ones as opposed to factory farm whites.
$0.90 – Cheese, mushrooms, diced chicken. It ends up being about 1/10th of a pound of each.
$0.65 – Two Roma tomatoes. They tend to be a bit smaller than the bigger round ones.
$0.35 – One banana
$0.35 – One orange
$1.20 – Tall Glass of Orange Juice (or Milk), $0.60 each.

That’s around $4.50 total.

The reason I fix two omelets and save one for later is I tend to add a side order of potatoes to the meal, in this case “Green Giant” makes a small 9 oz. steamer pack of “Roasted Potatoes with garlic and herbs” that you microwave, that is enough for two servings. I also tend to eat a banana with my orange juice and the orange with my milk. The potatoes costs $1.50 bringing the total for our meals to about $6.00.

Or one good meal for around $3.

omelet done and ready

Compare that with a breakfast biscuit, potato puck and a tiny juice (or coffee) from a fast food place, and which would you rather eat?

(That’s hot sauce from Taco Bell on the omelet, in case you’re wondering…)